We’re Trying

Let’s get knees deep here and start from the beginning…..

Out of the blue, Christmas Day 2015 somehow me having a baby was a hot topic at the dinner table. My parents informed me they had decided they were ready to be grandparents.(Delighted for them)I thought this was hilarious and some sort of joke, as I thought the more obvious thing would be to ask was i ready to be a parent? Anyway after a few jokes about me already having a baby in that of my beloved partner, our conversation took a more serious turn. My parents spoke about there own fertility issues which I won’t get into cos it’s there story not mine! They advised us that we not put it on the long finger as they wished now that they hadn’t!

So on our way home that evening, papa bear and I suddenly had babies on the brain. We chatted about when we would want kids, could we afford to have a baby, how many kids(to my partners dismay when I told him I wanted 2-3 at least) I told him that it was a concern of mine that concieving a baby may not be as easy as we hope. Anyway, we got home opened a selection box and were asleep within the hour, forgetting all about the baby talk.

A couple of days later, I was searching everywhere for my pill prescription but can’t find it anywhere, now I am constantly “tidying” and then forget where I’ve put things so this is quite normal,but after 20 minutes of searching, I decide to ask papa bear as I become increasingly frustrated, knowing he won’t have a clue but boy was I wrong! He candidly says I threw it away! In my mind, I’m like what idiot throws out a full card of tablets. I dare to ask why and hear his lame excuse about how he thought it was empty 🙄 but noooo….. he tells me I don’t need it any more. We both then stand there and look at each other, he’s smirking at me, as my face is obviously showzing nothing more than confusion. He then says you don’t need it now, whatever happens, happens!

And that was that! We were trying for a baby, or dealing with whatever happens happens….